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The AquaEl Hexa Set 60 Corner Aquarium

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Capacity; 60 litres (13.2 imp gallons)

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aquel hexagon corner aquarium image
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The AquaEl Hexa Set 60 Corner Aquarium

Style and Design
Aquael's 60 litre Hexa Set fish tank is the ideal corner aquarium for those who either aren't attracted to or don't have room for the standard wedge type corner design.  It's an eyecatching alternative which comes in a smooth black finish with the option of a matching support stand/cabinet finished in water resistant veneer.  The tank itself is constructed in flat glass panels bonded by black silicone for clear, distortion free viewing.  A framed base adds to the overall strength of construction.
The Hexa Set enjoys lighting supplied by a "leddy" 6w LED lighting unit contained in the hood which is both bright and efficient.  Older models were provided with an 11w IP67 rated fluorescent lighting system.
Filtration is supplied by way of a flow through biological filter built into the hood with a circulator pump capacity of up to 350 litres per hour.  There's minimal intrusion into the tank.
The Hexa Set is supplied with a 50w Aquael comfort zone heater.
The dimensions are as follows;

Tank;   41by 41cm by 60cm high

Stand; 45cm by 55cm by 74cm

Combined; 45cm by 55cm by 134cm
The Hexa Set is now widely available online - check out our price guide above.
Our Verdict
For sure, Aquael's Hexa Set won't be everyone's cup of tea, but we think it's an interesting design which is well suited to the corner of a room which might not have the space for a more traditionally shaped corner aquarium - or if you just want something a little different.

The construction looks sound.  The flat glass panels will allow the fish to be viewed without the slight distortion you sometimes experience in larger, thicker glazed conventional bow fronted tanks and the black silicone used in the bonding process will help to mask the build up of algae which can sometimes be very obvious and difficult to clean on clear materials.  There's a framed base to add strength and we're pleased to see that there's a matching, purpose built stand available too.  We'd suggest you seriously consider purchasing this to as it will be designed to provide optimum support for your tank as well as adding to its aesthetic appeal.  The manufacturer empasises the fact that the stand has been tested for load bearing capacity well in excess of the 60kg plus weight of your full aquarium.

At 60 litres, the Hexa Set has a decent capacity for freshwater tropicals.  It comes supplied with all the equipment you need so it's essentially a "plug in and play" outfit.  Lighting in the most up to date versions comes in the form of a 6w LED unit mounted in the hood.  This system should be a little brighter and will be more efficient than the older style 11w IP67 rated fluorescent lighting system which you might still occasionally find on sale.

The filter for the Hexa Set is built into the hood which minimises the amount of intrusion into the tank to the inlet pipe which extends down into the tank at the rear.  There are two filtration baskets containing sponge filter media which should be ample.  The external nature of the filter is, we think, a definite advantage which works to maximise the tank's internal capacity.  The heater too is mounted in  the hood, extending down to the rear of the tank.  You can see how all this works together in the instruction manual which you can preview here (opens in a new window).  Note that these instructions include the old style fluorescent lighting rather than the more up to date LED version.  We'd also recommend this video (opens in a new window) as essential viewing.  It illustrates a full set up of the latest version of the Hexa Set with a little twist in the ending.  It will give you a great idea of what the tanks all about.

Looking at the Aquael Hexa Set overall, if you like the design we think it looks like a decent buy.  It is a little quirky but it has a bigger capacity than some other hexagonal tanks around and we like the fact there's a purpose designed stand available.  The hood set-up with everything built in is a nice touch as well.  It keeps everything together and saves having to juggle several different items of equipment around.  If we do have a criticism it's that the hood assembly looks just a little lightweight to us - but that won't be an issue as long as you take care - and we daresay it helps keep the pricing at a realistic and affordable level.  At the time of writing, customer satisfaction is looking good and we've awarded the Hexa Set 60 4.5 stars as an unusually designed, well equipped and highly affordable corner aquarium with a decent capacity.
   unusual design

   decent 60l capacity

   external filter

   LED lighting


   purpose built stand

   everything included
  hood assembly looks a little lightweight

  design may not appeal to all
Our Star Rating
(4.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the UK Corner Aquarium Guide)

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