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The AquaOne Aquavogue 140 Corner Aquarium

aquavogue 140 corner aquarium header image
Capacity;  140 litres (31 gallons)

White Finish
(tank and cabinet)
price and availability varies
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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aquavogue 140 corner aquarium image
Price and availability varies

The Aqua One - Aquavogue Corner Aquarium

Style and Design
The Aquavogue 140 is a stylish corner design of quality.  Both tank trim and cabinet feature a white high gloss finish  which complements the tank aquascape perfectly.  The cabinet is specifically designed to suit the tank and provides a strong, stable base with storage space inside.  The 140 litre capacity is suitable for both freshwater and marine tropicals and, of course, its perfect for coldwater fish too.
There's an integral state of the art LED lighting system featuring white, blue and RGB (colour changing; red green and blue) LEDs to provide full spectrum lighting, ideal for plant growth and perfect for highlighting the colours of your fish.  There's a striking blue "moonlight" setting too for evening viewing and everything is controlled by a built in 24  hour digital timing system which you can just set to suit and leave.   
Filtration is provided either by means of a PF Mini Flow internal filter or an Ocellaris 850 external filter depending on supplier.
The Aqua Vogue 140 comes supplied with a suitable adjustable aquarium heater.
The tank measures up at 46cm deep x 83cm wide x 55cm high.  With the cabinet the overall dimensions are 46cm x 83cm x 131cm.
Precise delivery arrangements will vary between suppliers and may depend on location too.  You should expect to find free pallet delivery, at least to mainland addresses, with a timescale of around 7 days.  Some areas may take a little longer.
Check out our sample prices above.  While we work hard to keep these bang up to date, suppliers do change prices from time to time without notice.  You can confirm the price by clicking on the name of the supplier - don't worry, this won't commit you to anything.
Our Verdict
We see Aqua One's Aquavogue 140 corner model as a serious rival to the white Juwel Trigon 190.  It's a little smaller which may well suit some rooms but it still features a useful 140 litre capacity.  Perfect for freshwater fish and well above the minimum we'd recommend for those exotic marine tropicals.

We think the bang up to date LED lighting with its white, blue and RGB LEDs should produce a stunning display and highlight the colour of your fish.  It will help promote lush plant growth too if you tend to struggle with aqua gardening and spend your time watching your expensively acquired foliage slowly dying.  There's a bit of a bonus with the integral timer too which means you can make sure the tank gets precisely the amount of light you want it to.

Filtration should be good as well and if you can pick up the Aquavogue with the Ocillaris 850 external filtration system, you'll not only have top quality water (when properly maintained) but you'll also reduce clutter in the tank.  As you'll probably know by now, here at the UK Corner Aquarium Guide we greatly approve of external filtration as not only does it increase the swimming space for the fish, we find it makes regular maintenance much easier and less messy.  For those of us with less self discipline than others it encourages proper and regular filter maintenance to the benefit of all concerned - not least the inhabitants of the aquarium!  The Aquavogue's matching cabinet is ideal for housing external filtration as well as providing safe, secure support for the aquarium itself.
You should find the tank supplied with a standard glass aquarium heater but if not you'll need to ensure the heater you fit has a minimum output of 200w - that shouldn't involve too much additional expenditure.
Unfortunately, since we originally reviewed the AquaVogue 140 it's rather disappeared from the online UK market. Occasionally you might find some old stock surfacing - usually on eBay - or you might be able to pick up a good used model from the same source.  We think it's a pity it's no longer available as it nicely fills a gap in the market between the smaller AquaOne UFO 550 and the larger Juwel Trigon and Fluval Venezia 190 models.  It's still a good buy if you can find it - and if you are intending to buy used, we'd suggest you have a look at this article (opens in a new window) on used aquariums for some useful, if commonsense, advice.

Submitted by:

J Mayes
December 2016

I purchased an Aqua One Vogue 140 corner aquarium on the understanding that its measurements were 46cm wide, but this was mis-leading.
Because the back corner joint has been flattened off, the measurement has been taken from the new side joints, but the width of space required to display the tank, remains the old measurement of 60cm.
I only had a clearance of 46cm and as this tank is considerably wider than informed, I am having to return it and am losing out quite a lot of money in delivery and collection charges.
I cannot find a small corner aquarium with a 46cm width - do you know of any?
Kind Regards"

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