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The AquaOne Eurostyle 85 Corner Aquarium

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Capacity;  150 litres (33 imperial gallons)

Price and availability varies
Price and availability varies
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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aquaone eurostyle corner beech image
aquaone eurostyle corner black image
Price from varies

The AquaOne Eurostyle 85 Corner Aquarium

Style and Design
Unfortunately now discontinued, the Aqua One Eurostyle 85 Corner Aquarium was once top of the Aqua One corner range. With a capacity of 150 litres it is smaller than a 180 lire model but it is still more than sufficient for both marine and freshwater tropical fish.

The outfit features a quality construction with 10mm glass and a matching cabinet with lighting, filtration and heating all supplied.  There's a choice between beech and black styling.
Lighting and Hood Assembly
The tank hood is equipped with two 15 watt T5 lights with good access through the hatch for feeding and routine tank maintenance.
Filtration is by way of the AquaOne Aquis Advance 750 external power canister filter which affords both mechanical and biological filtration. Being an external model which fits neatly into the cabinet under the aquarium, highly efficient filtration is provided with the minimum intrusion into the tank itself.
The AquaOne Eurostyle came equipped with a suitable 200 watt aquarium heater.
The aquarium and cabinet dimensions are;

Tank; 85cm wide by 60cm front to back by 64cm high

Cabinet; 85cm by 60cm by 76cm

Combined; 85cm by 60cm by 140cm
Unfortunately at the time of writing the AquaOne Eurostyle 85 is no longer available on the UK online market.  You may be able to source a used model via eBay or Gumtree - check out the links above.
Our Verdict
The Eurostyle is a realistic alternative to the main players in the market.  At 150 litres it has less capacity than, say the Trigon or Venezia 190.  As a result it saves a few centimetres on the overall dimensions which we think makes it more suited than these models if your room's on the smaller side but you're still looking for a corner tank with a relatively large capacity.
The AquaOne Aquis Advance 750 external canister filter has a capacity of up to 650 litres per hour, more than adequate for the Eurostyle 85, and sits nicely in the accompanying cabinet.  Although you're unlikely to find it for sale new today, there's a good network of suppliers selling spares online so it shouldn't be too difficult to keep a used model in top working condition.  There's a 200w heater included too so all in all the outfit arrives all ready for set up.
The T5 lighting system won't be up to modern LED standards in terms of efficiency or controllability but you should still find it perfectly adequate for a standard set-up.  Replacement T5 tubes are still widely available in a number of styles and we'd expect them to be around for a long while yet.
We think all this still makes the Eurostyle corner 85 a good buy if you can find a good used model - or, even better, some old stock around.

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If you own an AquaOne Eurostyle 85 we'd be delighted if you'd submit a review to help other prospective customers.  You can do this on our Corner Aquarium Review Form - we look forward to hearing from you.

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