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Aqua One UFO 350 Corner Aquarium

Silver Tank, Beech Cabinet
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aqua one ufo 350 image

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The Aqua One 350 Corner Aquarium

The Aqua One UFO 350 corner aquarium with its 30 litre capacity is the little brother of the UFO 550.  It's ideal as a Christmas or birthday present to introduce a child to fishkeeping or simply to create light and interest in a small corner without taking up too much room. 

Suitable for freshwater tropical fish, the UFO 350 comes with an under gravel type filter and powerhead supplied.  As the name suggests, this type of filter draws the aquarium water down through the gravel at the base of the tank where beneficial bacteria provide biological filtration.  An under gravel filter is a tradtional low maintenance design providing adequate filtration for a corner aquarium of this capacity.

Lighting is by way of a PL (Phillips Lighting) lamp integral with the aquarium hood.

The tank is available in silver with an attractive beech cabinet and measures up at;

Tank;            53cm wide by 35cm from front to back and 44cm high

Cabinet;        53cm by 35cm by 72cm

Combined;    53cm by 35cm by 116cm

If you need further information on the aquarium or the set up or maintenance required please check out the UFO 350 instruction manual.

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