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The Aquavital Vogue 60 Corner Aquarium

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Capacity;  180 litres (42 imperial gallons)

Price and availability varies
Price and availability varies
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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aquavital vogue 60 corner aquarium image
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The Aquavital Vogue 60 Corner Aquarium

Style and Design
A real retro feel to this discontinued model.  The AquaVital Vogue 60 was marketed as a value fish tank available with a matching cabinet in a beech finish with silver trim. It has a capacity of 180 litres, which is of course well suited to either marine or freshwater tropical fish and comes with lighting included.
A T8 lighting system is build into the hood.
There's no filter system supplied with the Vogue 60.  We'd suggest as suitably powered external filter to sit neatly below the tank in the supporting cabinet.
Heating isn't supplied with the tank.  A heater or heaters with an output totalling 200w upwards will be required to maintain a suitable temperature.
The tank itself measures 65cm in height while the sides (from front to back) are 60cm. With the stand the total height of the unit is 140cm.
The Vogue 60 is no longer available on the UK market although you might be able to pick up a used model on eBay or Gumtree.  Check out the links above.
Our Verdict
If you like retro you might find this 180 litre corner aquarium fits the bill perfectly.  It was originally marketed in the UK as a value model, but by the time you'd purchased a heater and filter, the cost of the Vogue 60 was often as much as or even greater than that of similar leading models such as the Juwel Trigon 190 or Fluval Venezia 190.  Even when sold new we felt the Vogue was a little dated both in looks and in its T8 lighting system.  We always felt there were better value models around latterly than a brand new Aquavital Vogue.
It was never a huge seller in the UK so even used models are rare these days.  If you do find one it might not be a bad second hand buy if the price is right and you're attracted to the style.  The T8 lighting is a little antiquated in these days of LED but the tubes are still available and we'd expect them to remain so for some time yet.  In addition, the Vogue's hood is probably large enough for you to consider installing a waterproof LED unit if you don't mind carrying out some DIY on it.  Having said that, in all honesty the Vogue 60 doesn't really do it for us (and never did) but that's just our personal opinion.

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