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Here you can find old Corner Aquarium Price and Other News which has now been moved off the front page - if your looking for the latest news see our Price News section
August 2016

Just in time for those long dark evenings when your corner aquarium comes into its own as a source of inspiration we're delighted to be able to bring to you the Aqua One Aquavogue corner aquarium.  Not to be confused with the largely discontinued Aquavital Vogue, the Aquavogue is a classy state of the art corner fish tank featuring LED lighting to bring out the best in your fish and encourage plant growth together with a highly efficient external filtration system.  At the moment its available in high gloss white only, but this just serves to highlight the striking lighting and bright interior. A matching cabinet rounds off what we are sure will be a valuable addition to the corner aquarium family.  Check out the Aqua One Aquavogue here.

August 2016

Often, just when you're at the point of purchasing something, you find a box at the checkout inviting you to enter a discount or promotional code - and not surprisingly you have a search to see if you can find such a thing with the promise of money saved.  How often however do you actually find a code you can use - or how often do you waste time trawling through sites that promise much, but deliver only links to irrelevant offers and unusable codes?

What many people don't realise is that the vast majority of special codes issued are sent to or meant for use by existing customers as a reward for loyalty - and they simply won't work if used by someone else.  Sometimes, however a code will be published or issued for general use or will be sent exclusively to sites such as the UK Corner Aquarium Guide for use by their visitors. 

To save you time and effort we're introducing a Discount offers and Promo Codes page where we list any codes issued by the sellers featured in the Guide which we think might be of use to you.  We'll be honest and state now that genuine, useable, codes are few and far between but we've also included links to any offers by the sellers which we think might be of aquatic interest.  You can check out this new feature here - it opens in a new window so your browsing won't be disrupted.

January 2016

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2016 - and while we're at it we'd also like to announce the addition to the site of the Reef One Biorb range - spherical acrylic aquariums which look absolutely stunning in the corner of any room.  Have a look above and we're sure you'll agree.

April 2015

A warm welcome to the new look UK Corner Aquarium Guide.  You'll find all the usual news, articles and information in a new easy to read layout which is now mobile friendly - so you're freed from the laptop to browse anywhere, anytime. 

If you're looking for an aquarium to brighten up a corner of the room the UK Corner Aquarium Guide is still your first stop.  And we'll be brightening up the site soon with new articles and features - including a section on nano aquariums which have been increasing in popularity as a versatile aquarium feature which can be placed almost anywhere - especially in that neglected corner!  So don't be a stranger - we look forward to welcoming you back to the guide soon.

And don't forget - if you own any of the aquariums featured on the site we'd love to receive a review for our review feature.  You can submit your review on our Corner Aquarium Review Form - it's so easy and will help potential buyers.

24 December 2012

We'd just like to take this opportunity to wish all our visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Remember the festive season is a good time to look at corner aquariums.  Many retailers have their winter sales or introduce special discount for festive purchases - and a corner aquarium is the ideal purchase to brighten up those long cold January and February days and nights.

Best wishes

28 November 2012

If you check our features section you'll see we've added a Guide to Corner Aquarium Filters to the site.  Here we cover all filters currently supplied or recommended for use with corner aquariums available online in the UK.  The review also provides useful links to instruction manuals and manufacturer's sites to enable you to find out all the information you need on any particular filter along with our thoughts on the models covered - happy reading!

Best wishes

16 November 2012

We're always interested in hearing about your experiences with the corner aquariums featured on the site so we've just launched our corner aquarium review facility.  If you've bought, or own, one of our featured corner aquariums and want to submit a review we'd be delighted if you'd do so here.  Our aim with your help is to build up a bank of reviews on the corner aquariums featured to help anyone looking for a tank in future - we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes

15 November 2012

We're delighted to be able to announce that we've been able to add the Fluval Venezia 350 corner aquarium to the site.  The Venezia 350 is a hard to find large capacity corner tank which comes supplied with all the necessary lighting, heating and filtration equipment.  The filter is external (of which we very much approve) and the T5 lighting system incorporates a useful pre-programmable timer.  If you're in the market for a larger tank the Venezia 350 is a realistic alternative to the Juwel Trigon 350 and is in the same price range.  However, the price we've been able to quote for the Venezia doesn't include delivery so remember to confirm the carriage charges when ordering.  You'll be able to do this quickly and easily via the supplier's website.

Best wishes

13 November 2012

Great Deals on Juwel Trigon 350!

As promised yesterday we've been having a look around for some pre-Christmas deals for you on the Juwel Trigon 350.  If you're looking around for a larger capacity corner aquarium available online from a reputable UK supplier the Trigon 350 with its 350 litre capacity is probably your best bet**.  It's not as widely available as the 190, reflecting the fact that the market for the larger aquarium is probably more limited and there's no white option available for the 350.  As in the case of the 190 the tank is supplied with lighting, heating and filtration and in some cases additional items as we've covered below.

For the aquarium and cabinet together in the beech finish we'd recommend the deal currently on offer from Seapets.  £1022.95 secures the tank and cabinet, lighting, heating and filtration and includes delivery.  In addition, at no extra cost Seapets supply a decorative backing in an attractive Japanese driftwood design, a massive 60kg of natural gravel, water conditioner and a fish net.

A similar deal is also available from Seapets in the black and dark wood finishes.  In the case of  the dark wood finish it is possible to make a small saving by purchasing the tank from Seapets at £815.95 and the cabinet from Amazon at £189.00 plus £4.99 delivery.  The total of £1009.94 will save you £13.04 on Seapets' combination price but as you're buying only the tank from Seapets the decorative backing, gravel water conditioner and fish net are't included.  Unless you really don't need these items we don't think the saving is worth it.

That's it for the Juwel Trigon 350.  For further details check out our Juwel Trigon 350 page.  If you think you'd prefer the smaller Trigon 190 check out the deals in yesterday's entry below.

Best wishes

**We have now sourced the comparable Fluval Venezia 350

12 November 2012

Great Deals on Juwel Trigon 190!

With still plenty of delivery time left before Christmas we're taking a look at some of the best online deals currently available on Juwel Trigon Corner Aquariums.  The Trigon 190 is supplied with lighting, heating and filtration and, as you will see below, additional items in certain cases. 

Juwel Trigon 190:

In Beech

Currently the Trigon 190 with a matching cabinet in beech is available from Seapets for £532.50.  The price includes delivery and as "free items" an aquarium backing (Japanese Driftwood style), 26kg of natural gravel, water conditioner and a fish net.  We think this is a good deal, but if you're willing to mix suppliers and don't want or need the free gifts you can save a few pounds by purchasing your beech tank from Pet Supermarket at £363.12 and the matching cabinet from Pet Planet at £149.99 - total price £513.01, saving you £19.49.

In Black

Like the beech version the matching Juwel Trigon 190 tank and cabinet in black are available as a set from Seapets for £532.50 including delivery and the free backing, gravel, water conditioner and fish net.  You can make quite a substantial saving on this but without the "free" items if you buy the tank from One Click Pharmacy at £335.20 and the cabinet from Pet Planet at £149.99 - a total of £485.19.  This saves you £47.31 and is worth considering, particularly if you don't need the extras.  If you don't want to mix suppliers you can buy the tank from Pet Planet as well at £339.99 giving a total price of £489.98.  You still end up £42.52 better off but without the additional items included in the Seapets deal.

In Dark Wood

Best price currently available on the dark wood finish for both tank and cabinet from the same supplier is Seapets at £532.50.  Again this includes an aquarium backing, 26kg of natural gravel, water conditioner and fish net.  You can save £34.38 if you forgo the additional items and mix suppliers - the tank is available from Pet Supermarket at £363.12 and the matching dark wood cabinet from Amazon at £135.00 - a total price of £498.12.

In White

The white Juwel Trigon 190 isn't so widely available as the others.  We'd recommend the Seapets package at £532.50 including the backing, gravel, water conditioner and fish net.

Plenty to think about there - but if the Juwel Trigon 190 isn't the corner aquarium for you, do please take the time to browse the other corner tanks we have on display.  It's the widest selection of tanks and prices featured online in the UK and we're sure you'll find an aquarium that fits.

Best wishes

Tomorrow we have a look at pre Christmas deals available online on the Juwel Trigon 350.

31 October 2012

Our most popular corner aquarium for October 2012 was the Aquatlantis Ambiance 100.  An attractive high quality 190 litre corner tank with a matching wooden cabinet and featuring internal filtration. It's currently available in birch, dark wood or black at only £569.95.  Check out all the details here. 

9 October 2012

To help you find your way around what can be a rather bewildering selection of corner fishtanks in the 150 - 200 litre class we've added a new feature to the site;  Mid range 150 - 200 litre Corner Aquariums Compared.  If you're in the market for a corner aquarium of this capacity (and even if you're not!) we'd recommend you read it to get a good idea of what's available and the pros and cons of the nine different models available.  We've incorporated a corner aquarium comparison chart so you can easily refer to the relative features of the available tanks as you come to your decision.

Of course, there are other tanks available outwith this capacity range.  If you have the space for something bigger the Juwel Trigon 350 comes in at a massive 350 litres and is widely available.  If you just don't have the room we can recommend the Aqua One UFO 550 as a smaller 80 litre tank which can still handle marine fish and is available in a combination of finishes.  Further down the capacity tree comes the UFO 550's sibling the Aqua One UFO 350 with a 30 litre capacity or the 20 litre Aquatlantis Nano Corner Aquarium - something for everyone really.

Corner Aquarium News for September 2012

With the addition of the Aquavital Vogue 60, is fully up and running.  On the site we now feature the widest selection of corner aquariums and fishtanks available online in the UK today.

We know it can be difficult to choose which corner aquarium to buy and we try to provide you with enough details and specifications to help you along the way.  Where additional equipment is required we've tried where possible to make suitable recommendations and the prices are regularly checked to make sure they're competitive.  Where we can we've provided a choice of the prices currently available - and we're always on the look out for more corner aquariums to add.  We hope you enjoy the site.

Best wishes

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