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The Biorb Halo Aquarium

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Capacity;  15, 30 or 60 litres
Available in Grey or White

*Price (from)
Halo 15
(15 litres)
(+£7.95 del)
price and availability varies
Halo 30
(30 litres)
price and availability varies
Halo 60
(60 litres)
price and availability varies
(wood: black or silver)
price and availability varies
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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biorb halo grey image
Price from £80.00
biorb halo white image
Also Available in White
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biorb stand silver image
Wood Stand in Black or Silver

The BiOrb Halo Aquarium

Style and Design
A variation on the BiOrb Classic the Biorb Halo is available in three sizes - 15, 30 and 60 litres.  Like the Classic it isn't specifically designed for the corner of a room but in our opinion that's where it looks its best.

The Halo features a special lid with a magnetic catch which, provided the water level in the aquarium is maintained, hides the waterline and gives an appearance of seamlessness.  It's suitable for both tropical and cold water fish featuring, as standard, integrated lighting and filtration operated for peace of mind from a 12 volt transformer.  For tropical livestock a heating upgrade is required which may be included in the price depending on the package purchased.  If not 50 and 100 watt heater upgrades are available separately.  The 50 watt upgrade is recommended for capacities up to 60 litres but we'd suggest you consider the 100 watt version for the 60 litre Halo as we're not convinced 50 watts will be capable of maintaining temperature satisfactorily, particularly if the room is cool.

Like its Classic counterpart the Halo is manufactured in high grade acrylic by Reef One Limited, a British company based in Norwich and founded in 1998 by a father and son team,  Paul and Matthew Stevenson.  The Biorb itself has been around since 1999 when the first 8 gallon version was introduced and since then it has undergone considerable refinement in the face if its ever increasing popularity.  The fundamental idea behind the Biorb is to keep fishkeeping easy and economical as while maintaining a satisfactory environment for the fish.  The result is an aquarium featuring an integrated filter with maintenance limited to filter cartridge replacement every four weeks coupled with a 33% water change.

As we mention above, three versions of the Biorb Halo are available all of which feature the same spherical seamless design and low maintenance filtration system.
The Biorb Halo 15
The 15 litre version of the Halo should be fine for a few smaller cold or tropical fish and has proved to be a highly popular gift - it's certainly an improvement on the traditional (and entirely unsuitable!) goldfish bowl.  It has the added feature of remotely controlled multi-colour lighting which can be set either to any of no less than sixteen pre-set colours - or to fade slowly through all sixteen.  You can additionally control the brightness of the lighting.

The Halo provides a striking feature without taking up too much space with its dimensions of 14 inches (35 cm) high by 12 inches (30 cm) wide.  Ideal for a smaller space or as an introduction to fishkeeping in a child's bedroom.  Depending on ornamentation the aquarium should weigh approximately 18 kg when full.
The Biorb Halo 30
A step up from the Halo 15 the Halo 30 provides a lot more aquarium with a 30 litre capacity, overall measurements of 18 inches (46 cm) high by 15.7 inches (40 cm) wide and a filled weight of approximately 31 kg.

The Halo 30 features a choice of lighting with either a standard led light, a striking multi-colour MCR  or a Halo light ring with automatic 'moonlight'.  The Halo version is fitted as a ring of led lights within the lid giving the aquarium a real three dimensional appearance during daytime switching to a calm moonlight setting at night.  The aquarium is fitted with a light sensor which enables you to set the lighting conditions under which the automatic switch to the 'moonlight' setting will take place.  The aquarium is usually sold in the MCR version but be sure to check before buying.

Although the overall measurements aren't that much bigger than the Halo 15, the double capacity means that all else being equal we'd recommend the Halo 30 over the 15 if you have the space.  As with all aquariums, the larger the volume of water the less problems you should experience with temperature variations and water pollution.  You'll also be able to fit in a more varied selection of fish - and the Biorb's integrated filtration system means maintenance requirements should remain more or less the same.
The Biorb Halo 60
Stepping up again, the Halo 60 is essentially the same aquarium as the Biorb 30 but with twice the capacity.  

Its 60 litre volume, neatly contained within dimensions of 22 inches (56 cm) high by 19.6 inches (50 cm wide) makes it ideally suited to more advanced fishkeeping than the smaller models while still retaining the integrated low maintenance lighting and filtration systems.  Be sure to check what lighting system is supplied before you order.  Expect to find the Halo 60 with either a standard led or multicoloured MCR lighting.

Compared to the Halo 30, the 60 should allow you to maintain a wider range of larger and more advanced species of fish.  As we mention above, for keeping tropical fish you should consider fitting the 100 watt heating upgrade.

Although the Halo 60 is not particularly large it is enough to create a stunning feature in the corner of any room.  The weight when filled will be approximately 61 kilograms.
Whether you choose a Biorb Classic or Biorb Halo is really a question of personal preference.  Both aquariums will perform equally well, the main difference being in the lighting and the seamless appearance of the Halo.  If you're looking for a gift for a child though it's difficult to see past the Halo 15 with its remote contro!

If you opt for a Biorb Halo you'll find plenty of sellers and a range of prices above.  Remember to be sure when checking prices that you're comparing like for like.

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