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The Biorb Tube 30 Aquarium

biorb tube 30 black header image
biorb tube 30 white header image
Capacity; 30 litres
Available in Black or White

*Price (from)
Tube 30 Aquarium
(30 litres)
price and availability varies
(wood: black or silver)
price and availability varies
Acrylic Stand
(acrylic: black/white)
price and availability varies
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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biorb tube 30 black image
biorb tube 30 white image
Price from £160.00
biorb stand black image
biorb stand silver image
Wood Stand in Black or Silver
biorb stand acrylic 105 white image
biorb stand acrylic 105 black image
Acrylic Stand in Black or White

The BiOrb Tube 30 Aquarium

Style and Design
An unusual cylindrical design from BiOrb the Tube 30 aquarium is the perfect choice where space is limited.  It looks great in the corner of a room with its cylindrical design and choice of appealing black or white trim.  Drawing on BiOrb's extensive aquarium experience the Tube 30 offers style and practicality when it comes to fishkeeping.  The crystal clear, hard wearing and durable acrylic used in its manufacture ensures that you have a clear view of the tank's inhabitants.
The aquarium features a safe 12v LED lighting system built into the hood.  Depending on the seller you may find the Tube 30 available with a choice of white or more expensive multicolour (MCR) lighting systems.
As you would expect with a BiOrb the Tube 30 features an integrated filter system. Ceramic media provide biological filtration and a filter cartridge in the base of the unit collects excess waste making tank maintenance a simple and straightforward exercise.
Heating isn't provided as standard with the Tube 30.  For keeping tropical fish the tank will require to be equipped with an aquarium heater with a minimum power rating of 50w.  BiOrb produce an ideal heater pack for this purpose - take a look at it on Amazon (link opens in a new window).
The Tube 30 measures 32cm in diameter with a height of 52cm.
The tank is widely available online - check out our price guide above.  Remember that there's a choice of lighting available so be sure when looking at prices that you're comparing like with like.
Our Verdict
BiOrb's Tube 30 is an attractive little aquarium which will look lovely in a room corner.  At 32 by 52cm it's not large but it's still capable of producing an impressive effect once decorated, populated and lit up.  This video (opens in a new window) will give you a good idea of what can be achieved for a fairly modest outlay.  Note that the video features the MCR (multicolour) lighting system rather than the simple white LED option.  To be honest, we're not great fans of the MCR system for this tank.  Although it undeniably produces a striking effect, we think it can be disorientating for the fish who's biology is attuned to largely regular day lengths of uniform light.  It would be fine for a tank featuring just decoration and plants though.

The tank is constructed in good quality acrylic which is, in theory at any rate, up to 23% clearer that the glass equivalent.  This means that you get a good view of the interior.  Although the surface is curved, the acrylic isn't overly thick so distortion isn't too bad, especially when viewed straight on at tank level.

Other than a heater, which you'll have to purchase separately if you intend to use the tank for tropicals, everything you need is conveniently supplied in a built in format.  The lighting system, naturally, is in the aquarium cover and generates ample low voltage LED light to illuminate the interior.  The filtration and aeration systems are built into the tank base.  Air circulation is by means of an outlet extending up into the centre of the tank.  This emits an attractive stream of air bubbles with promote gaseous exchange at the surface helping to keep the water well aerated and safe and suitable for a small population of fish.  This helps to compensate for the relatively low surface area to volume ration of the tank.  Note though that the air outlet pipe is a permanent feature of the aquarium - although it can be masked by suitable decoration if you prefer.

The filtration system maintains water purity by way of biological filtration through ceramic media.  In addition a filter cartridge - which requires to be replaced every four to six weeks - collects any excess waste.  You  can download a copy of the BiOrb User Manual here (opens in a new window) which clearly shows how everything fits together.  You can in addition see the instructions for the standard LED unit here and the MCR unit here (all links open in new windows).

BiOrb produce a couple of stands which can be used with the Tube 30: a wooden model available in black or silver and an acrylic model in black or white.  It should be borne in mind that the Tube 30 is a relatively compact aquarium and we think it's best suited to a sturdy corner table where it's less likely to be disturbed.  If you do want a purpose built stand for your tank we'd suggest you opt for the acrylic model.  The wooden stand, though much cheaper, looks a little unstable to us, particularly if placed on a deep carpet.  An acrylic stand will probably set you back more than the aquarium itself and we haven't seen much evidence of tank and stand being sold together at a discount price.  Tank and stand packages do sometimes turn up on eBay though - it's worth a look.

All in all, we think the BiOrb Tube 30 looks like a good buy if you're looking for an unusual feature for a room corner capable of housing a small community of fish.  It comes as a complete package (other than the heater) and everything looks to be well integrated and designed to enable the aquarium to be easily set up and maintained.  BiOrbs have been around for a good number of years now and there's been plenty of time to perfect the design.  Be aware though that the tank isn't suitable for a large number of fish and that there will be a degree of ongoing maintenance and expense.  The filter cartridge will require regular replacement and the tank surface too will require regular cleaning to remove algae build up.  It's worth investing in suitable acrylic cleaning pads to minimise the risk of scratching your tank - you can usually find a decent selection on Amazon.  The design of the Tube makes access for cleaning the tank surface easier than the more conventional spherical BiOrb design.  Do take care however not to scratch the glass when cleaning or when adding the ceramic filter media or ornaments.

The Tube 30 is available from a number of online outlets and it's priced at an affordable level.  Have a look at our price guide above to get a good idea of what's around.  Customer feedback is on the whole positive and taking it all into account we've awarded the tank four corner aquarium stars.  We do think though that it's as much a decorative feature as it is an aquarist's aquarium.
   compact cylindrical design

   useful 30l capacity

   integrated filter, LED lighting and aeration

   choice of lighting

   ease of maintenance
  heating extra

  design may not appeal to all

  MCR lighting may disorient fish
Our Star Rating
(4 out of 5 stars
Review by the UK Corner Aquarium Guide)

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