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(article first published 2012 - update under preparation)

We've put together a selection of useful publications you can find on Amazon to get you started with your new corner aquarium. Whether you are a freshwater or marine aquarist you will find all the information you need in the pages of the publications below. For convenience we've divided the bookshop into two sections; Freshwater Fishkeeping Guides first followed by marine fishkeeping guides.  Many of the publications are of US origin which means that some information may be geared to that market. Fish and fishkeeping are however the same the world over and the information provided is essentially universal.
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Tropical Freshwater Fishkeeping
Beginners' Guides

Your First Tropical Aquarium
by Peter Hiscock

An invaluable elementary guide packed with useful tips for setting up your first aquarium. "Your First Tropical Aquarium" is a good source of basic information to help you set up and stock your first freshwater tropical aquarium. It's not however a source of specialised information as to fish varieties, breeding practices, plants, problems, etc.  Check it out on Amazon.
hiscock your first tropical aquarium image

Tropical Fish Aquariums Guide for Beginners
by Karl McCullough

A comprehensive guide from an experienced author this book covers all aspects of tropical fishkeeping from choosing, setting up, maintaining and stocking your aquarium to common problems and troubles.

Karl McCullough's book will tell you, as a beginner, what you need to know.  It's currently available on Amazon.
mccullough tropical ifsh aquariums guide for beginners image

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Freshwater Aquariums
by Reggie Hartman

A simple and straightforward guide to all aspects of freshwater aquarium keeping Reggie Hartman's book will give you all the basic information at a reasonable price.
You can find it on Amazon.

hartman the ultimate beginners guide to freshwater aquariums image

Freshwater Aquariums for Dummies
by Maddy Hargrove

A comprehensive 360 page guide from an experienced US author, Freshwater Aquariums for Dummies provides detailed information for the fishkeeping hobbyist. Written in an easy to read and at times light hearted style Maddy Hargrove provides all the knowledge that the prospective fishkeeper needs.
Currently available on Amazon
hargrove freshwater aquariums for dummies

Setting up a Tropical Aquarium Week by Week
by Stuart Thraves

A well illustrated and detailed guide to setting up your first tropical aquarium from Stuart Thraves. This book, fully revised in 2015, will guide you through the necessary steps with illustrations when required - well worth considering.
Check out the latest Amazon prices
thraves setting up a tropical aquarium week by week
Tropical Marine Fishkeeping
Beginners' Guides

Saltwater Aquariums for Dummies
by Gregory Skomal PhD

A useful, comprehensive guide to setting up your first marine aquarium from a respected US marine biologist. As you would expect from the "Dummies" range the book is well set out and easily read and is an ideal introduction to saltwater fishkeeping.
Third edition now available on Amazon
skomal saltwater aquariums for dummies image

Marine Aquariums - The Beginners' Guide
by John and Peter Cunningham

Written by a father and son team with many years experience behind them and an infectious enthusiasm for fishkeeping this book will provide all the information you need to set up your first saltwater fish tank.
Find out more at Amazon

cunningham marine aquariums the beginners guide image

The New Marine Aquarium
by Michael Paletta

A detailed guide to setting up and maintaing a marine aquarium Michael Paletta's book is well worth considering for its detail and colour illustrations. It's a well laid out publication supplying a wealth of information highly rated by readers.
See all the details at Amazon
paletta the new marine aquarium image

The Marine Aquarium Handbook
by Martin A Moe Jnr

A bestseller since the 1970 the latest edition has been completely updated and extended with colour photographs to provide all the guidance and information you need to set up your marine aquarium. Another publication which comes highly rated by its readers. Certainly a book to consider if you are drawn to this branch of fishkeeping.
The handbook's available on Amazon
moe the new aquaruim handbook image

Happy Reading!
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