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The Diversa Comfort Trio Corner Aquarium

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Capacity;   70 litres - 410 litres

Price and availability varies
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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diversa comfort trio corner aquarium image
Price from varies

The Diversa Comfort Trio Corner Aquarium

Style and Design
An interesting corner aquarium of traditional design from long established Polish manufacturers Diversa (previously Akwa-Rynkar), the Comfort Trio is available in a variety of capacities ranging from 70 litres to a massive 410 litres.  Both models come in  a sleek black finish with optional hood and cabinet.  Each is suitable for freshwater tropicals and the larger versions would comfortably accommodate marine fish.  Glass thickness ranges from 5mm to 10mm.
Lighting is supplied by T8 fluorescent tubes built into the tank hood.
Filtration isn't supplied as standard.  For this type of tank we'd recommend an external filter of the appropriate size from Fluval's 06 or 07 range.  As well as maximising the interior space available for the tank contents this should maintain good quality water and will sit nicely below the tank in the matching support cabinet.
As with filtration, you won't find heating supplied as standard with the Comfort Trio.  You'll need to arrange your own heating with an appropriate output.  100w will suit the 70 litre version but for the largest tank you'll need a wattage in the region of 350.
The 70 litre tank measures 57cm along the sides while the larger versions have sides of 72, 85 and 107cm.  Tank heights range from 40 to 60cm.  A supporting cabinet is available for each size - these have a standard height of 67cm.  
The Comfort Trio is widely available in eastern Europe but is not at the time of writing on sale in the UK.  Occasionally a model may appear in limited numbers on eBay or another online outlet - usually priced appreciably lower than mainstream models.
Our Verdict
We think this is a reasonably priced budget model which will serve its purpose so long as you bear in mind that it is an economy tank and doesn't come equipped with modern state of the art facilities - LED lighting for example.  There's a good range of sizes which means that you're almost certain to find something to fit your space and to accommodate the type, size and number of fish you want.
In our view it's essential that a tank of this type is supplied with a suitable support and we're pleased to see that each model of the Trio is available along with a matching purpose designed cabinet.  This should give your tank a strong, stable surface to sit on and will also accommodate food and essential items of equipment as well as an external filter if you're that way inclined.
The lighting won't exhibit the same properties as more modern LED systems, but T8 tubes have been used in aquariums for many years and have in the past been considered perfectly acceptable - so that alone shouldn't rule out the Comfort Trio.
We think it's a pity this tank isn't more widely available in the UK.  True it's a rather basic design which lacks some of the frills of, say a Juwel Trigon or Fluval Venezia - and the rather stark equilateral triangle design won't suit everyone.  It does however fill a gap in the market for a lower spec, affordable, budget model available in a range of sizes.  And on the design - more standard bow fronted corner aquariums are occasionally criticised for slightly distorting the view of the occupants, particularly in larger sizes with thicker glass.  That's something that can't be said about the Comfort Trio with its large, flat front viewing panel.
But although the Trio (if you can find it) is a budget model, don't forget you'll also need to make allowance for heating and filtration.  A good external filter and a heater will set you back a little more that the basic price - but you'll still probably find this one a more affordable, if less sophisticated corner aquarium than some of the more commonly found brands.

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