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The Fluval Venezia 190 Corner Aquarium

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Capacity;  190 litres (42 gallons)

Walnut Finish
(tank and cabinet)
price and availability varies
price and availability varies
Oak Finish
(tank and cabinet)
price and availability varies
price and availability varies
Black Finish
(tank and cabinet)
price and availability varies
price and availability varies
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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venezia 190 walnut image
Price from £659.00
venezia 190 oak image
Price from £659.00
venezia 190 black image
Price from £659.00

The Fluval Venezia 190 Corner Aquarium

Style and Design
The Fluval Venezia 190, together with the Juwel Trigon 190 are the big hitters in today's online corner aquarium market.  The Venezia is a stylish model available in three themes: Walnut, Oak and Black.  The capacity is 190 litres, and there's a matching corner base unit which is highly recommended for this model.  Not only is the base unit specifically designed to support a filled and fully furnished Venezia tank, it's also ideal for storing those essential aquarium items and the Venezia's supplied external filter.
The Venezia enjoys an integral Fluval 14.5 watt LED lighting system (compatible with additional Fluval lighting should you wish).  The LED system will encourage plant growth and is ideal for highlighting the colours of the tank's inhabitants as well as representing superb economy in use when compared with older fluorescent or incandescent lighting types.  
The Venezia is supplied with Fluval's 207 external filter which sits in the cabinet below the tank.  This model is capable of filtration at a highly efficient 780 litres per hour at a 10w rate of electrical consumption.
Heating is supplied to the Venezia by a 200w Fluval M series adjustable internal aquarium heater.
Tank size is 60 x 98 x 70 cm (H x W x D).  The cabinet measures up at 70 x 98 x 70 cm (H x W x D).  Note that in the context of these dimensions 'D' refers to the radius of the tank and cabinet from front to rear.

This means that the total dimensions of the tank and cabinet unit are 130cm high by 98cm wide by 70cm from front to back.
While delivery arrangements and timescales may vary a little between suppliers, expect to find pallet delivery available to your front door, usually at no additional charge although 'free' delivery offers often apply only to UK mainland addresses.. 
Check out our sample prices above.  While we work hard to keep these bang up to date, suppliers do change prices from time to time without notice.  You can confirm the price by clicking on the name of the supplier - don't worry, this won't commit you to anything.
Our Verdict
We see the Fluval Venezia as a mid priced relatively easily maintained corner aquarium with all you need to keep both freshwater and marine tropical fish in highly attractive surroundings.

There's a good choice of themes with the Venezia available in a choice of three finishes: Black, Oak and Walnut.  The tank finish is standard with the variety of style evident in the purpose designed cabinet.  While you might be able to find the tank and cabinet available to buy separately if you look far enough we certainly wouldn't recommend this.  The Venezia's cabinet is very much designed specifically for the tank and will not only be a precise fit but will also provide the tank with the support it needs.  There's a lot of weight to a full fish tank and you want to be sure that it's mounted on a suitable unit to reduce the risk of future disaster.  In light of this, we'd always recommend using an aquarium with a purposely designed support unit if one is available and the Fluval Venezia is no exception.

Filtration is supplied via the Fluval 206 external filter which will sit nicely in the cabinet below the aquarium.  The filter operates by removing water from the tank at a rate of up to 780 litres per hour, filtering it externally through a combination of ceramic, carbon and foam media and returning the cleaned water to the aquarium.  The external nature of the filter has in our opinion the two principal advantages over an internal filter: very little internal space is taken up maximising the capacity of the tank and the filter is easily accessed to enable it to be cleaned regularly.

We've used Fluval external filtration for years without any issues and for the reasons given far prefer it to internal filtration after a lifetime of guddling around in aquariums trying to get at and remove/service internal filters.  With a corner aquarium, although the bow front provides a large viewing area, the space within the tank can be deceptively small in comparison so the extra room freed up by an external filter is welcome too.  The 206 is well designed, efficient and can be easily removed from the cabinet for cleaning without water spillage.  You can have a look at the manual for the 06 Filter Series here (opens in a new window) to see exactly what's involved with this type of filtration.

The Venezia's lighting system is a modern LED system of a type which is fairly commonly found in new aquariums today.  Until relatively recently aquariums were generally lit by tube fluorescent style lights.  These could be inefficient, bulky and required replacement on a regular basis.  The quality of light was sometimes questionable as well.  LED lighting is undoubtedly a huge improvement on older systems and will not only brilliantly highlight the colouring of your fish but should encourage the growth of aquatic plants too.  The tank is compatible with other styles of Fluval LED lighting so there's flexibility there if you want it.

The heating is relatively conventional with one exception.  The 200 watt M series heater is fully submersible and easily adjustable.  In addition it features heat and shock resistant borosilicate glass which reflects the colours of the surrounding aquarium. This allows the heater to easily blend in with less visual impact than a standard glass heater.  It certainly carries enough capacity to heat the Venezia 190, even in a colder climate, and in our view it's well matched to the aquarium.

Installation of your Venezia 190 should be relatively straightforward.  As with all aquariums you should keep it as far away as you can from direct sunlight to avoid excessive algae growth.  It's design lends itself well to this making it ideal for lighting up an otherwise dark corner of a room.  There's not much in the way of assembly involved in the aquarium itself, but you do have to put the cabinet together in a flatpack furniture kind of way.  Nothing too complicated though.  Helpfully, you can see preview of the full manual for the tank here and the cabinet here (links open in new windows) so you can see what's involved when planning your setup.

So, taking it all into account we can't really find much to fault with the Fluval Venezia 190.  It's a good size without taking up too much space, well equipped with heating, lighting and filtration systems and the overall design, along with the purpose built cabinet is stylish and appealing.  It lacks the option of a white finish you get with the Juwel Trigon 190 but we don't see that as a major issue.  Certainly not one that affects the Venezia's overall value for money and suitability for both freshwater and marine tropicals.  On balance we think it just has the edge over the Trigon in the competitive UK market, mainly by reason of that external filter.  We can't find any reason not to award the Venezia 190 the full five stars.
   stylish corner design

   good capacity

   external filter

   LED lighting

  white finish unavailable
Our Star Rating
(5 out of 5 stars
Review by the UK Corner Aquarium Guide)

Submitted by:

P Hallett
May 2016

"Well here I am to clarify that valenzia 190 is indeed a great tank with its external filter which makes life so much easier, the leak of condensation does happen well it happened after 10 years of owning this tank and thats only due to people removing the top of the tank from glass causing room between the sealent to cause this problem, it has sctatches on glass now but aftet moving 5 times with it and the cabinet still holding its own, not bad at all, however my tank bought in 2004 the 22 in t5 have become obsolete and well buying a new light unit seems silly to purchase when its £150. When I can get full set up for £499 might seem a jump in price but it is worth it, had the beech effect now thinking about the black version, you can see the photo of my tank on my facebook wall with its night lights on, I know where my heart lies when it comes to a new tank, fluval valenzia all the way, my pfile pic is two people me and gf in black, me holding her belly as she was pregnant at the time...."

M Heath
December 2018

"Had the Fluval Venezia 190. takes 174 litres, bow fronted.had this for one year, it is a nice roomy tank, but it now leeks condensation drips from the top frame, also bow fronted gives many distortions and reflections from surroundings,so cant enjoy the fish etc so much,I would buy a straight tank next time. mike"

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