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The Fluval Venezia 350 Corner Aquarium

fluval venezia 350 light wood header image
Capacity;  350 litres (77 imperial gallons)

price and availability varies
price and availability varies
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fluval venezia 350 light wood image
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The Fluval Venezia 350 Corner Aquarium

Style and Design
An attractive corner aquarium with a huge 350 litre capacity, the Venezia 350 is the larger of Fluval's Venezia corner range.  It's available with a matching supporting cabinet which is ideal for housing the Venezia's built in filter and all those little odds and ends you accumulate for fishkeeping.  Finished in a traditional corner style the Venezia 350 is ideal for the corner of a larger room.  Its capacity makes in ideal for housing marine as well as freshwater tropical fish.

The Venezia 350 is rarely found new online in the UK today but if you are lucky enough to source one you may find it in a choice of four finishes:
The tank comes supplied with a T5 high output lighting system (2 x 24w tubes) which incorporates an integrated timer to enable you to regulate the amount of light supplied quickly and easily.  Newer versions feature a stunning LED lighting system which is bright and highly efficient.
The Venezia is served by powerful Fluval 405 external canister filter system. The filter canister is housed in the aquarium cabinet and serviced via pre drilled holes in the tank base. This minimises intrusion into the tank space and provides a tidy set up. The canister is easily isolated to enable its removal for routine maintenance.  In our view, and all other considerations being equal, the external filter gives the Venzia 350 the edge over the comparable Trigon 350.  It reduces clutter in the tank and frees up additional swimming space for the fish.  In addition, because the filter should be easier and less messy to maintain, you're less likely to put vital cleaning off - to be benefit of both the tank and its inhabitants.
Heating is supplied to the Venezia by a 300w adjustable internal aquarium heater.
The dimensions of the Venezia 350 are;

Tank; 122cm wide, 87cm from front to back and 65cm high.

Cabinet; 122cm by 87cm by 70cm

Combined; 122cm by 87cm by 135cm
Unfortunately this excellent aquarium is rarely available to buy new online in the UK at the time of writing but you may be able to pick up a used model on eBay or Gumtree.   Occasionally new versions do become available on eBay or Amazon but you'll usually have to move quickly if you want one - check out the links above to see what's around at the moment.

Submitted by:

M Heywood
March 2016

"Had 7 lovely years from our Venezia corner aquarium - until today. Sprang a leak, for no none reason and thats when 350Litres of water is a lot of water all over your carpet. What to do?"

Yes, it is a lot of water-and not great for the fish either.  It is possible to repair an aquarium though - we know because we've done it!!  It's likely the silicon seal has leaked - sometimes this can happen if fish dig into it or if gravel gets pushed down between the seal and the glass when the glass is being cleaned.  These tanks are quite an investment so before rushing off for another we'd suggest trying a repair with a silicon sealant such as Geocel/King British - Good Luck!

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