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The Juwel Trigon 190 Corner Aquarium

juwel trigon 190 light wood header image
juwel trigon 190 black header image
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Capacity;  190 litres (42 gallons)

Light Wood Finish
(tank and cabinet)
price and availability varies
Black Finish
(tank and cabinet)
price and availability varies
Dark Wood Finish
(tank and cabinet)
price and availability varies
White Finish
(tank and cabinet)
price and availability varies
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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juwel trigon 190 light wood image
Price from £625.00
juwel trigon 190 black image
Price from £698.00
juwel trigon 190 dark wood image
Price from £698.00
juwel trigon 190 white image
Price from £698.00

The Juwel Trigon 190 Corner Aquarium

Style and Design
Juwel's Trigon 190, redesigned in 2017 is a traditional glass wedge shaped corner design which fits neatly into position with a minimum of fuss and provides a generous capacity suitable for both freshwater and marine tropical fish.  There's a choice of four finishes available; Light Wood, Black, Dark Wood and a rather stunning white, all of which you can see illustrated above.

The tank itself is constructed in specially developed float glass with a safety base frame which sits straight on to the supporting cabinet.  Gone are the days of having to place a large glass aquarium on a polystyrene sheet or any other support medium!  Indeed, the manufacturer emphasises that the tank's structure ensures an even distribution of weight and that a mat should not be placed underneath in any circumstances.
The tank features a Multilux LED lighting system comprising two replaceable 14 watt "day" and "nature" tubes.  These combine to create an optimised light system which both encourages plant growth and brilliantly highlights the natural colouring of your fish. The system's energy efficient too, with an energy saving of around 50% against older T5 lighting.  The system's ultrasound sealed to meet the most stringent safety standards meaning you can work on the tank while the lights are still on.  A definite bonus for those of us who have found ourselves guddling around in the dark in the past.
The aquarium is served by a supplied Bioflow M internal filtration unit driven by an Eccoflow 600 powerhead, the 600 in this case referring to litres pumped per hour.  If you need further information you can download a useful overview and full instruction manual for the filtration system here (opens in a new window).
Heating for the Trigon 190 is by way of a powerful 200 watt AquaHeat adjustable heater which fits neatly into the filtration unit.  The heater features high quality silver contacts and shock proof borosilicate glass for safety and reliability.
The Trigon 190 measures up at 99cm wide, 70cm from front to back and 60cm deep - depth from top to bottom that is. Cabinet measurements are 99cm by 70cm by 73cm giving a combined corner unit size of 99 by 70 by 133cm.
The aquarium is generally available to purchase either on its own or with an accompanying matching cabinet.  We'd certainly recommend buying the package on the grounds of price, aesthetics and safety.  You'll almost certainly get the best deal if you buy the tank with the cabinet thrown in while the matching finishes complement each other perfectly and combine with the aquascape to produce a spectacular corner feature.  The cabinet is specifically designed to support the tank above and should give you the most stable set up available.   It's supplied for diy home assembly - you can see a full set of assembly instructions here (opens in a new window) so you can see exactly what's involved before you order.  Most of the sellers listed above will supply the tank and cabinet separately but we don't list prices as we do feel quite strongly that they should go together.
Precise delivery arrangements will vary between suppliers and may depend on location too.  Expect to find pallet delivery to your door with perhaps a small charge added for a bulk item.
Check out our sample prices above.  While we work hard to keep these bang up to date, suppliers do change prices from time to time without notice.  You can confirm the price by clicking on the name of the supplier - don't worry, this won't commit you to anything.
Our Verdict
The Juwel Trigon 190 is probably the best selling corner aquarium in the UK today.  It's a superb model which comes supplied with suitable lighting, heating and filtration so you don't have to worry about looking for these items separately.  It's competitively priced too and we think it represents good value for money.

The aquarium has definitely stepped up a class since the old design and spec were overhauled.  The LED lighting system is pretty much state of the art and if you're in any way familiar with the older version, or T5 fluorescent lighting in general, you should notice a real improvement in the brilliance of the illumination.  LEDs don't emit heat and tend to be more efficient and longer lasting too so when it comes to running costs they should be easier on the pocket.

We like the filtration system too.  Although in all honesty we prefer external filtration, mainly on the grounds of ease of maintenance and maximising the space within the tank, we do think the installed Bioflow M system offers plenty in terms of power and aesthetics.  Its 13.2 x 20 x 50.2 cm dimensions shouldn't impose too much on your tank's capacity or appearance while the fact that the heater fits neatly inside is, we think, a definite bonus.  Filter media are easily accessed too via the top of the filter and are contained in baskets for ease of maintenance.  You can have a look at the filter manual here (opens in a new window) to get a clear idea of how it all fits together and what's involved in maintenance.  To see just what filter media are used you can find a very clear diagram provided by Juwel here (opens in a new window).  The only issue we can see is that filter maintenance might be a little tricky as you will have to lean over the top of the tank to obtain access. 

We've not much to say about about the heating.  Juwel's 200 watt AquaHeater is perfectly adequate for the size of the tank, easily adjustable and efficient too.  It's a standard "test tube" type heater but this doesn't really matter too much on the basis that it fits unobtrusively inside the filter which helps to ensure even distribution of heat and should also help to protect the heater from damage.

Overall, the tank benefits from the classic corner design by offering an expansive aquascape without taking up too much room.  This is perfect in a smaller room or if your available wall space is taken up by furniture, artwork and other items.  We'd certainly recommend that you buy the tank along with the purpose built cabinet to ensure stability or safety and to ensure that there's no movement or weakness in the area in which its to be situated.  Remember, leaving aside the weight of the tank, 190 litres of water weigh 190 kg.  That's about 418lb or 30 stone.

We think that taking everything into account the Juwel Trigon 190 deserves acclaim as an affordable and attractive corner aquarium, particularly since its 2017 makeover.  It shouldn't let you down - although that internal filter just isn't really to our taste.  Four and a half stars from the UK Corner Aquarium Guide.
   space saving design

   great looks

   led lighting

   efficient filtration and heating

   value for money
  you may find filter maintenance a little awkward
Our Star Rating
(4,5 out of 5 stars
Review by the UK Corner Aquarium Guide)

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