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The Juwel Trigon 350 Corner Aquarium

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Capacity;  350 litres (77 imperial gallons)

Beech Finish
(tank and cabinet)
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prices vary - worth a look!
Black Finish
(tank and cabinet)
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prices vary - worth a look!
White Finish
(tank and cabinet)
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prices vary - worth a look!
Dark Wood Finish
(tank and cabinet)
prices vary - worth a look!
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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juwel trigon 350 light wood image
Price from £1248.00
juwel trigon 350 black image
Price from £1248.00
juwel trigon 350 white image
Price from £1248.00
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Price from unavailable

The Juwel Trigon 350 Corner Aquarium

Style and Design
A stunning addition to the corner of any room, the Juwel Trigon 350 is a large capacity aquarium available in a choice of finishes which is suitable for both freshwater and marine tropical fish.  The tank comes with a purpose designed cabinet which is ideal both for support and for storing miscellaneous aquaria related items.

The larger version of Juwel's Trigon aquarium, the 350 is a leader in today's market and is especially suitable for the corner of a room where space for a 350 litre tank would otherwise be limited.  Finished in quality materials it's constructed with the modern aquarist very much in mind.  Take a look at the manufacturer's video (opens in a new window) to see just what this spectacular tank can offer your home.
The Multilux LED lighting system utilised by the Trigon 350 features replaceable 438mm and 895mm 'day'  and 'nature' tubes to ensure the interior of the tank receives an optimum spectrum of light to promote plant growth and highlight the colours of the fish inside.  In addition to the quality of the light, efficiency is a hallmark of this modern, state of the art system which represents a saving of up to 50% when compared to older T5 fluorescent style lighting.

The system is fully waterproofed to stringent European standards allowing you to work on your aquarium even while the lights are on.
The aquarium is served by a supplied Bioflow XL internal filtration unit driven by an Eccoflow 1000 powerhead which pumps up to 1000 litres per hour.  You can download a copy of the full filter instruction manual here (opens in a new window) which will let you see exactly what's involved with Juwel's Bioflow internal filtration sysems.
The tank is supplied with 300w adjustable heater contained within the filter circulation system.  With its silver contacts and shockproof borosilicate glass, the heater meets the highest standards of safety and reliability.
The aquarium measures up at 123cm wide, 87cm from front to back and 65cm deep (from top to bottom).

Cabinet measurements are 123cm by 87cm by 73cm giving a combined corner unit size of 99cm by 70cm by 138cm.
The Trigon 350 is available to buy on its own or with a matching support cabinet.  There are three styles: light wood, dark wood, black or white.
Precise delivery arrangements will vary between suppliers and may depend on location too.  Expect to find pallet delivery to your door with perhaps a small charge added for a bulk item.
Check out our sample prices above.  While we work hard to keep these bang up to date, suppliers do change prices from time to time without notice.  You can confirm the price by clicking on the name of the supplier - don't worry, this won't commit you to anything.
Our Verdict
The Trigon 350 certainly gives you plenty fish tank for your hard earned cash.  It holds a massive 79 imperial gallons which is ideal for a good sized freshwater tropical community or a selection of marines.  It's just about the only tank of a comparable size you can buy online 'off the shelf' today and, fortunately, it's well suited to purpose.  You can download a copy of the detailed instructions for the tank here (opens in a new window) which will give you a good idea of the set-up and the equipment supplied.

It's usually possible to purchase the tank on its own but we'd certainly recommend you also buy the purpose built supporting cabinet.  Not only will it be a perfect fit for the aquarium it will have been designed to a specification to support the substantial weight of 350 litres of water.  That's 350kg, not forgetting the weight of the tank itself, gravel and aquarium ornamentation.  The Trigon 350 is a serious piece of kit and we think a proper cabinet is a worthwhile investment.  The dimensions of the tank are deceptively large too so when choosing the location, be sure to measure the available space carefully.  The sides of the tank measure 87cm.  If you find this too large, the smaller Trigon 190 or the Venezia 190 might be a better option.

The Trigon is supplied with an internal filter with a pumping capacity of up to 1000 litres per hour - which should be quite sufficient for the tank capacity.  We usually prefer an external filter which takes up less tank space but the Trigon 350 is large enough for this not to be a serious issue.  The only issue arising with the internal filter is that you might find maintenance a little tricky.  The filter is situated to the rear of the tank meaning that you have to reach over the top for access which we don't think is ideal. One advantage of the supplied filter is that it also houses the heater which helps to ensure uniform heating of the tank and avoids the heater intruding into the tank. 

Since 2017 the Trigon 350 has been supplied with a state of the art LED lighting system which is brighter and considerably more efficient than the fluorescent lighting it replaced.  There are LED tubes specifically designed for salt water set-ups if you're intending to use your tank for marine tropicals.  If you own an older tank or are looking at a second hand purchase, there are still plenty of parts available for the older Trigon lighting systems so you shouldn't have any worries on that score.

You shouldn't have any difficulty in finding a version of the Trigon to match your decor and furnishings either - the tank and cabinet are available in no less than four styles to suit your needs.  The Trigon with its cabinet make a striking piece of furniture in  their own right.  When you add the LED illuminated aquascape inside the effect will be stunning.

The Trigon 350 is the largest corner aquarium you can readily find online in the UK and in our view it has everything you need in a tank of this size.  We would in all honesty we'd have preferred to see an external filter - but that's just our personal preference - we don't think you can go far wrong by investing in a Trigon 350.  We've awarded it 4.5 stars.  The only other comparable aquarium around is the Venezia 350 but it's difficult to find online in the UK.  If you are lucky enough to find a Venezia 350, we'd just give it the edge over the Juwel Trigon by virtue of its external filter - but it's a close call!
   space saving design

   good choice of styles

   led lighting

   filtration and heating supplied
  internal filter maintenance might be tricky
Our Star Rating
(4.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the UK Corner Aquarium Guide)

Submitted by:

S Mackley
22 June 2015

i have a JUWEL TRIGON 350LT

i bought it a couple of years ago best investment ever my fish love it took a little while for me to set up but looks fantastic, would advise anyone to get one for either cold or tropical fish much more entertaining & relaxing than the telly....

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