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The Oase StyleLine 85 Aquarium

oase styleline 85 black header image
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Capacity;  75 litres (16.5 imperial gallons)

Black Finish
price and availability varies
White Finish
price and availability varies
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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oase styleline 85 black image
oase styleleine 85 white image
Price from £299.99

The Oase StyleLine 85 Aquarium

Style and Design
Not a traditional corner design in the classic sense, but the Oase StyleLine 85 is a quality 75 litre capacity tank which will sit neatly in a corner, either square or at an angle to allow viewing from three sides.  The tank itself is constructed in 6mm glass and sits atop a purpose designed matching cabinet with a lovely clean design and generous shelved internal storage.  There's a hands free push to open door too and the whole thing is rounded off with aluminium look feet.  Access to the tank is via a sliding top design and the StyleLine comes as a complete set with filtration, heating and lighting included.  It's manufactured in Germany and comes with a two year guarantee.
The tank is equipped with an Oase Classic LED lighting system featuring two daylight LED bulbs for optimum illumination.  The 6500K light spectrum is ideal for both plant growth and enhancing the appearance of the tank's inhabitants.
The StyleLine is equipped with a BioPlus Thermo 100 internal filter which sits neatly in the corner of the tank with minimum disruption to the view. 
Heating is integral to the filter to reduce the visual impact of the necessary equipment on the aquascape.  You can view the filter/heating manual for the BioPlus Thermo 100 here (link opens in a new tab).
The tank itself measures up at 50 x 36 x 42 cm (w x d x h).  With the addition of the base cabinet, the total height is 145 cm.
The StyleLine 85 is available in either white or black finishes.
Delivery arrangements vary between suppliers and can be subject to stock levels.  Some sellers may offer same day despatch.  Delivery will usually be free with perhaps a surcharge depending on whether your address is classed as a 'remote' location.  Generally the tank will be delivered to your front door.
Check out our sample prices above.  While we work hard to keep these bang up to date, items come in and out of stock and suppliers do change prices from time to time without notice.  You can confirm the current price and stock status by clicking on the name of the supplier - don't worry, this won't commit you to anything.
Our Verdict
Although the StyleLine 85 isn't a corner aquarium in the classic wedge design, we see it as a classy looking but affordable model which will fit neatly into a room corner with the minimum of fuss and damage to your wallet.  It's relatively new to the UK market, having been introduced in November 2019 and customer feedback is looking good so far.

It has the advantage of coming as a complete package so there's no additional equipment to purchase - it can be assembled ready to set up straight out of the box.  The tank space is well optimised with the heater integrated into the filtration system for minimal intrusion.  As you'll maybe know from other reviews, we're not huge fans of internal filters, particularly in smaller tanks, but the BioPlus Thermo 100 looks well designed to sit relatively unobrusively in a corner of the tank.  Maintenance - which can sometimes be a little messy with an internal filter doesn't look too bad either.  It's not necessary to remove the entire filter unit from the tank as the front section simply unclips for maintenance.  You can see a useful video here (opens in a new window) which shows you pretty much all you need to know.

As you would expect in a modern tank, there's an LED lighting system which provides 6,500K of illumination in a daylight spectrum to help your aquarium plants to thrive.  The lighting level should highlight the colours of the tank's inhabitants well and ensure your aquarium as a whole is an eye catching feature.

The matching cabinet complements the aquarium perfectly and as well as providing custom designed support, will also give you useful storage space for all the little bits and pieces that go with the hobby.  The tank design too is practical, the sliding lid giving easy access when required for feeding and tank maintenance.

Overall the build quality looks good and the choice of styling - black or white - should extend the set's appeal.  And in addition you have the peace of mind of a two year manufacturer's guarantee.  We don't see too much to quibble with when it comes to the StyleLine 85 and at the time of review, the pricing compares well with other similarly sized models.  The internal filter wouldn't be our preference but it's not too obrusive and there is a school of thought that says the water should never leave the tank.  Taking everything into account we've awarded the StyleLine 85 4.5 corner aquarium stars.
   neat, compact design with a choice of finishes

   set up straight out of the box

   led lighting

   integrated filtration and heating
  internal filter won't appeal to all
Our Star Rating
(4.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the UK Corner Aquarium Guide)

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